How do you get rid of an abscess on the jaw coming from a broken tooth?

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Does it look like this one?

you should see a dentist and have operation for this. Take anti-biotics while you are waiting for the doctor's appointment. If it's swelling and out of control, you should go to ER ASAP.
This is such a CYA answer. There are many other things a person can do besides antibiotics and rush to the ER first. Ugh!
Like what !
I have an infected tooth on upper teeth. Went to emergency room when my face and eye became

Swollen and I was given cephalexin and naproxen for pain and reduction of swelling and plan to see my dentist tomorrow. Reading the side effects scared me because of risk of bleeding an stomach problems. I am on Medes for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diazepam and clonazapem for anxiety disorder, low dose aspirin, inhaler for COPD. The side effects involve heart problems and etc, I have taken keflex before but not naproxen. Are these safe for my existing conditions as I am 71 yrs old?.

Since these meds were given by your doctor who knows your overall condition much better than us, I think you should trust him and take it easy, they are supposed to be safe enough for you.
Naproxen is a NASID drug. The main side effects are stomach pain and kidney dysfunction. However, the incidence is quite low. It is a lit like driving. Everyone knows the risk of traffic accidents, but everyone likes to drive a car.
I don't like driving, I like sitting in the back seats.
I also kind of like you, Mr. Gilbert Vanderpool.
Your condition is definitely a medical emergency and you should go to the ER ASAP. The abscess would probably cause laryngeal swelling and anaphylaxis.

The ER doctors would probably prescribe you intravenous antibiotics and perform surgical drainage of the abscess.