Blurry vision after catarac surgery

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I just had cataract surgery in one eye  One week post op I still have blurriness and kind of a depth perception issue tho my two eyes are not very different in vision and my surgical eye is 20/30   Will this correct  ?  My dr says I shouldn’t be having these symptoms but has no explanation  I’d like to know this can improve so I can return to work
Did your dr. tell you wait and see? Why didn't he try to find out the cause if he thinks it's abnormal? But I think most blurry vision cases after cataract surgery can be fixed properly. You're asked to go back to the dr. in a few weeks, right?
I have the same issue, I was told to come back 3 more weeks. Nothing has changed but dr said all looks ok? Dr said cant find anything wrong, but I cant see right and now strains my eyes and get bad headaches now continuous.
I had them put a contact on yo help but wonder what they can do to correct as supposed to be farsighted lens in that as my other is nearsighted but it's also near sighted. What a mess, other by different dr was perfect and no pain.
I had surgery 4 weeks ago last Monday 2-24-2020, for Cataract only in my left eye first an d.c supposed to had the other one done a week later, but after surgery, I eyesight was and still is very blurry.. I've been back to my O.D. 5 times, he said during the surgery my cornea got a huge abrasion.. he started out treating with steroids drop, lrezol, but my pressure was so high in that eye he discontinued and started me on brinzolamide, twice a day to reduce the pressure.. still right at 40.
If the vision is blurred in the early stage after cataract surgery, it may be due to some inflammatory reactions after cataract surgery, including corneal edema, intraocular inflammation, and the patient's maladaptation to the operation or the astigmatism caused by the incision may lead to blurred vision in the early stage after cataract surgery. About high eye pressure, postoperative hormones will cause intraocular pressure increase, but will soon be relieved. Usually one or two weeks after cataract operation, the patient can recover completely.