My wife has a tumor in Mesenteric pressing on her colon.

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A scan of female organs i.e., uterus, cervix and vagina show normal and the ovaries and fallopian tubes are NOT MENTIONED!
2 weeks later: Mesenteric mass inside colon and 0.7 " in liver with fluid in lungs.

Wife has leaking Mitral valve in heat that was scheduled for repair by open heart prior to finding cancer.

My wife is 82. Drs. Said no operation as she could NOT TOLERATE THE ANITHESIA!

What the hell! They were going to do the heart operation and use ANITHESIA!!!

The bowel certainly isn't life threatening!

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Now that the tumor has been found, it is recommended to go to the hospital for surgical resection as soon as possible ,if physical conditions permit.

It's true that surgery and anesthesia are dangerous for an 82-year-old lady. 

The doctor need to evaluate her overall health condition and provide treatment plan. 

You must be upset.

In an open heart surgery, the heart can't work properly since it's cut open. Extracorporeal circulation is established, which works as artificial heart and lung, to maintain the blood flow and oxygen supply to the body.

In a tumor removal surgery, there's no extracorporeal circulation. The Anithesia will be extra stress to her heart, her heart may not be able to make it.

That's why.