Can you still have shingles even though you had the shingles shot

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If you've had the old version of vaccine, and had two doses, the effectiveness is 90%, so it's possible. If you just finished the vaccine a few days ago, you might have side effect, like a few blisters.

However, it doesn't mean your rash is necessarily shingles, it might not be, and you'll need to see a dermatologist to confirm.
it's possible.The vaccine is not 100% effective. The effectiveness is also related to how long it has been since you have the vaccine shot. It's not a life-long protection.
Can you still get shingles if you have received the latest 2 doses?
People may have Shingles if they had chicken pox before. If you get the vaccine and you never get a chicken pox, then you are almost impossible to have shingles.