I’m getting severe dizzy spells is it from radiation to ny face and neck from throat cancer or is it 3 bad falls I had

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it feels like BPPV , head turned to one side triggers the dizziness. 

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Honestly, all of these are possible. You've had 3 bad falls, is there any chance you hurt your head? That requires a head scan. The throat cancer, at metastasis, it's possible to impact your inner ear nerves. This requires a scan. BPPV is a disorder associated with inner ear nerves, when you move your head you feel dizzy.
I guess you have syncope. Did you have unconscious momnets in the 3 falls? How long did the unconscious momnets last? Do you have incontinence during the 3 fall?

Brain problem and heart problem are the most common cause to this. You should go to hospital and take tests to find out the cause.
Radiation doesn't usually cause dizziness. Dizzyness is caused by lack of blood pumped to the brain. It can be caused by low blood pressure or an annuerism somewhere. If you got alot of radiation it's possible that one of your carotid arteries isn't working well or is partially occluded. This should self correct over time. Falls don't cause dizzyness. Get your blood pressure checked and if it gets worse you might need to check your arterial function using sonography.