Why do I get encephalomalacia? What can I do?

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.

Causes can be either of these diseases:

  • Stroke: Stroke is one of the most common causes of any disease which is related to the brain. It can be caused by any kind of major head injury or even a brain hemorrhage. This can cause internal bleeding in the brain without you even knowing it.
  • Abnormal Accumulation of Blood: The main cause of the softening of the cerebral is due to the insufficiency or no trace of blood in the brain. There can be many reasons which can cause the insufficient flow of blood and some of them are
  • Major swelling in the brain which hinders the path of blood flow to cerebral.
  • Tissue damage inside the brain, after the removal of a brain tumor.
  • Scar tissue: In some cases, due to a stroke, a certain part of the brain can die, which causes the substitution of neurons by another tissue, which is called scar tissues. Scar tissue goes through contraction and can eventually lead to softening of the cerebral.
  • Severe brain injury: Many outer mechanical forces can affect the functioning of the brain which can lead to many problems. When the foreign objects hit the skull and enter it, this violent and serious accident can cause huge damage to the cerebral which can lead to its softening.
Other non-disease causes:
  • Degeneration and deterioration of the brain
  • Stroke or any kind of infection inside cerebral.
  • Blockage in the blood vessels can hinder the supply of blood to the brain.
  • There is a kind of mini-stroke, called cerebral ischemia, which can lead to blockage of the blood supply to the brain and also leads to the deficiency of metabolism.
  • There are certain types of infections which generally occur from a foreign chemical reaction in your body, which can lead to spreading of biological pathogens and further softening of tissues.
There's no effective treatment so far, researchers are working on stem cell therapies but it's not ready to use yet. You might try to find any clinical trial available. 
In a few cases, with the right type and location surgery may lead to a positive consequence. You should discuss with your doctor, and try to find one of the best specialists in this area.

The disease can be divided into two types, according to the parts it affects:

  • Polioencephalomalacia: It affects the grey matter of the human brain and the normal functioning of the body by reducing speech coordination, muscle control, memory, sensory perception, and emotions.
  • Leukoencephalomalacia: it affects the human brain’s white matter, it generally affects the nervous system of the brain and hinders many body activities.

On the basis of the advancement of the disease in softening the cerebral comma, this disease can be divided into three categories, according to the color changes in each stage and the severity of its damage caused.

  • Red softening: This situation occurs when the oxygen supply to the brain tissues is hindered and the tissues eventually get damaged. Technically, this situation is known as a hemorrhagic infarct. This condition also happens because of the blockage in the blood vessels of the body, which further results in clotting of the blood, bubble gas or even entry of foreign materials in your blood.
  • Yellow softening: In this kind of situation, the color of the brain tissues turns yellow and also become soft due to an atherosclerotic plaque. This condition directly affects the arteries present in your brain and the brain tissues start turning yellow.
  • White softening: This is a very serious situation because in this case, the flow of the blood either does not reaches the brain or become insufficient. The neuronal tissues present in the brain start getting damaged due to the lack of blood flow.
I'll suggest you discuss with your Dr. and get to know the type and stage.