does walking as much as possible help PAD

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does walking help pad


Yes, walking is helpful. Exercise is a key component in treating PAD. Actually, the success of treating PAD is measured by how far you can walk without pain. Walking helps your muscle condition.

However, an exercise plan should be appropriate. Always begin slowly. Walking outdoors, or on a treadmill are both okay. 

Listen to your body. When you feel pain, you pause, wait for the pain to fade, and begin again.

Stretch before and after you walk.

Slowly but don't give up. 

Wear shoes that fit you well. You want to be as comfortable as possible when you walk.

After your daily walk, clean your feet, keep them dry, and check your feet and toes for sores, cracks, or anything that doesn’t look right.

Lifestyle change is very important for PAD.

1. Stopping smoking (cigarettes promote PAD and are a risk factor for cardiovascular disease)

2.Regular exercise for those with claudication helps open up alternative small vessels (collateral flow) and the limitation in walking often improves.  Supervised exercise programs increase pain-free walking time and the maximum walking distance in people with PAD.