What to expect after Hemorrhoidectomy surgery?

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You should be able to go home the same day of surgery. Most likely you can't drive on your own cause you'll have a lot of pain.

After surgery the area tightens and relaxes and you'll feel pain. Your Dr. will give you pill pills, it's okay to take them. Some people take the pain pills after they start to feel pain, it's totally wrong. Take the pain pills when your doctor tells you to, immediately. Or you'll suffer crying.

You might have bleeding, especially at your first bowl movement. It's expected, no need to panic.

Use the stool softener, or you'll regret this.

If you see blood coming out of the wound, use a gauze pad or sanitary pad to absorb, you'll need to absorb the drainage from the wound anyway. 

Unless the bleeding isn't stoppable, it's not a big problem.

DO NOT eat fiber after the hemorrhoidectomy, do not eat much either.

Anything you can delay the bowel movement to a third day, do not have it on the second day.

Avoid lifting, pulling, or strenuous activity until your bottom has healed, you won't love your butt in blood next second. 

what do you mean by expect? I think you expect recovery. The recovery time after hemorrhoid surgery is about 2 weeks, can do anal contraction movement, and promote the recovery of anal contraction function. Scar softening after anal surgery takes about 3-6 months to soften. Enter the liquid food on the first day after surgery, and enter the general diet on the 2nd to 3rd day. In order to maintain smooth stool and nutritional compensation, patients should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, spinach, fish soup and other digestible and fat-free foods, but can not eat. 5 to 7 days after surgery, the positive value of the incision at the line head shedding period, the patient should not eat more food containing cellulose, mainly fine, soft. Patients who have no stool 3 days after surgery should appropriately add some foods containing plant or animal fats, such as sesame and broth, which can generally discharge stool after the above treatment. If it can not be discharged, you can use a small enema. We can try drugs. Acne medicines like Inverness are good choices. In addition, the patient's life needs to be regularized, regular bowel movements every day, keep the stool smooth; often clean the anus, and keep dry, diet is light, avoid spicy food, eat more fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, banana, Tomatoes have the effect of moistening the intestines. In the summer, you should especially drink salt water to avoid excessive sweat excretion.
I had it done. I would never do it again. I was in so much pain i was miserable.  And try to have a bowel movement. It bring chills right up your spine. It makes your teeth chatter
Did you have any fecal incontinence after surgery?