Cause of silver pulsing light radiates from middle of eye to outer eye

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The sense of flash is caused by the stimulation of photoreceptors on the retina, and various mechanical, inflammatory, and space-occupying stimuli can be caused. 1. Retinal detachment: During the detachment process, the retina is pulled, that is, the pulling force exerted by the vitreous body on the retina, which will produce a flashing sensation, often accompanied by small black shadows in front of the eyes. Older people and high myopia have a high incidence and do not require treatment. 2. Retinal photoreceptors and retinal outer lesions: white spot syndrome. 3. Tumor: Very common is choroidal melanoma, metastatic cancer. 4. Central neuropathy: cerebral ischemia, migraine, intracranial space and so on.

You should see a EYE doctor ASAP.