Headache, blurred vision, dizziness.

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How long it has been? It's consistent or paroxysmal? It could be brain problem( cerebral infarction and bleeding),hypertension, heart problem. You should go to hospital if doesn't relieve as time goes by. It could be very serious problem.

I have dizzness”my right eye have no vision also right eye is crossing???
Did your right vision loss happen suddenly? If so, go to see a doctor as soon as possible because your vision might be salvaged. It is possibly an ocular artery thrombosis. Your dizziness could also be caused by a brain blood clot.
I have no dizziness, as such, but I have a big IMBALANCE problem.  I am also starting to have some headaches along with this problem. I was told that it was probably sinus or allergy related, but the medicines for that did not help in any way.  Only made the matter worse. I can move about freely but always have a "heavy head" and am quite careful to keep from falling.  I can just be standing and all of the sudden, without any warning, I will start to fall in any direction.  If there is nothing close to help stop the fall, then I am down and find it hard to get back up of there is nothing to hold on to or help me in anyway.
Hi, Janell, probably it is your cerebellum. The cerebellum controls the sense of balance and orientation. When the cerebellum does not function normally, people would have a problem with balance. Thus, it is recommended that you get a head CT scan.
I have already had one. All is well there.
Well, my next guess is your inner ear problem. Maybe a high-resolution temporal CT scan is needed.