What causes pain under breast bone

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Hello, according to the situation you described, it should be the location of the stomach, which does not exclude gastric diseases, such as gastritis. If your symptoms persist, it is recommended that you go to the digestive medicine department of the hospital in time. If necessary, use protective gastric mucosa, anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment, while paying attention to eating less spicy and cold food. 

  1. Which side or both sides? or in the middle? how long has it been? Do you have blister or rash in the skin? It's consistent or paroxysmal? Is it related to physical exercise? Will deep breath worsen it? How old are you ? Have you ever been diagnosed with digestive ulcer?  A few life-threatening chest pain: ischemic heart disease, pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax,aortic dissection. other disease: pneumonia, Ribitis, shingles, Intercostal neuritis,pleurisy(TB ,maybe no fever), Esophagitis, hiatal hernia, esophageal cancer, lung cancer. 
  2. You should  go to hospital to find out.
I have pain on right side feels like my rib and that are cutting into there. I can't lay on left side or it really does it bad
A chest and upper abdomen CT scan is needed. It could be pleurisy, cholecystitis, liver inflammation, or others.
Have you been injured recently? Or does your job require sitting for a long time? Is there any damage to the skin in the pain area? Is there any difference between the color of the skin and its surroundings? Have you ever taken nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs orally? Can they obviously relieve your symptoms?
It can be heart, or lung, or stomach, or esophagus, or pleurisy, or Shingles,you've provided only one symptom that many diseases share, it's unlikely to tell you which disease is more likely. All of these are likely.

If the pain bothers you, go get tests.