how long do headaches last after a TIA

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Do you take Dipyridamole, the blood thinner? Dipyridamole may cause headache to some people, a previous study says people with headache from taking Dipyridamole has lower risk of recurrence of stroke.

Some headache is caused by withdrawal of pain medication. 

If the headache goes worse over time you'll need to call your Dr.
My neighbor has migraine after a TIA, it's been 5 years, she keeps saying an elephant is standing on her head.
The first headache that occurred one week or 24 hours before the onset of TIA was defined as a new type of headache in the TIA category. If a migraine or stressful headache occurs characteristically within a week before the onset of TIA or within 24 hours after the onset of TIA, it is also defined as a migraine-like headache and a tension-like headache as a new type of headache. Symptom duration is usually >5 minutes but <60 minutes
It depends on which artery is blocked and how you brain artery condition is? If there's very serious anthersclerosis, you may be having TIA again, or cerebral infarction or bleeding.

If you have anthersclerosis, you need to first rule out TIA relapse when you have the headache. You should see a doctor, have brain MRI+MRA.