How long can u carry a kidney stone and how large can it be?

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Some people can carry kidney stones for a long time without any symptom.

Kidney stones range in size from a fraction of an inch to several inches. Usually small stones like less than 1/5 inch or about 5 mm in size usually can pass through the urinary tract and out of the body on their own with little or no pain. You just need to drink plenty of water.

Larger stones, 2/10 inch or 8 mm to 1/5 inch or 1 cm can be quite painful, though. If you feel pain, you'll get medical help to pass them out.

Fortunately kidney stones generally don't cause permanent damage.

Hello, you can't measure the severity of kidney stones in terms of time and size. If there is obvious lumbar pain, it needs active treatment. Lithotripsy is a better choice. Small stones may cause severe pain or hydronephrosis if they fall into the ureter. It is recommended that you actively treat it, cooperate with the lithotripsy drugs to promote its self-discharge, drink more water at ordinary times, and review regularly. 

Back in 1995 I had two kidney stones that had attached together in the outer pocket of my kidney they formed an eight shape, one was 3mm the other was 5mm to large to pass them so I had litho. Done the next day ended back in hospital with high fever and a lot of pain. Twenty years later I went to my chiropractor for bad. lower back pain. He told me in his exrays he could see a kidney stone. When I looked at the exray I saw In the same kidney the same spot and the same shape how rear is is this or is it the same stones I had in 1995
I have had lower back pain for 10 or more years now is my pain caused by these many years later?
Have you underwent an X-ray after the litho? If the X-ray showed that the stones have been successfully ablated by the shock wave, then the stone the chiropractor found must be newly performed.

Anyway, it seems that your lower back pain is caused by the stones, which is especially true when your CAT scan rules out spine-related causes for lower back pain.