My BP dropped to 60/43 with heart rate 83.

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I was cooking lunch and cleaning up when I felt funny . I was light-headed and felt like could pass out. I finish cooking and food to my chair. I was hoping I ate I feel better. I did not. I ended up going to bed and sleeping. What do when it drops like this.

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Oh my God, are you feeling better now?

I heard that when low BP comes people need go lying down, and drink water with salt added. I think you're right to go to bed.

Do you get low BP often?
I did not know about salt added to water. I wonder if that's not it. I wonder if you can take too much out.
I'm looking for info about low BP for my mom who gets lightheaded occasionally. Hope someone can answer. Will come back later.
Low BP 53/43
Were you still concious at that time ? How long does it last? who test your blood pressure? I think you have syncope pending investigation, you should see a doctor(cardiologist). Next time you have the symptom, lie down and rest. Drink water, you could add some salt in it. It's important to find out the underlying cause, so you really need to go see a cardiologist.
Yes I was. I spent all of last year trying to figure out why. I've had lots of test ran. My cardiologist did test. It did show drops but corrects itself. They actually found other issues and we treating them. I ended up sleeping for a couple hours yesterday. I am on BP meds but can't stop them they help control the excise fluid build up.
Does the doctor refer Vasovagal syncope to you ?Do you have head-up tilt test, HUT? Is it positive? do you have Electrophysiological examination? Do you have 24 hour EKG monitoring. If there any sign of  heart rhythm problem? Is  BLood sugar  Ok?