What does having cysts on my kidneys mean?

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It is equivalent to a small blisters in your kidneys. Since most renal cysts are asymptomatic, they have little effect on renal function and surrounding tissues, so no treatment is needed, as long as they are followed every 6 months. If the cyst is larger in diameter, more than 5 cm or produces symptoms of surrounding tissue compression, causing urinary tract obstruction, further treatment is needed.
I have kidney cysts in my right kidney. My dr. said it's okay, a lot of people having it, he said. It's benign, not cancerous. We'll deal with it when it grows big.
How will it be removed
It generally needs no treatment. If the cyst continues to grow, your doctor would do a laparoscopic surgery to de-roof the cyst (meaning cutting off the roof of the cyst and aspirating the fluid in it).
I have a cyst on my kidney. It was found last month in a physical examination. My doctor told me it was caused from lupus. After they did more tests, they considered it would not be harmful, so removal is not necessary. I assume it depends on the size or location.