Are there stitches in cataract surgery.

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Hi, generally no stitch is needed in a cataract surgery. Nowadays it's a minimally invasive procedure.

In a cataract surgery the eyes are numbed with anesthesia, and then a tiny incision is made, into which an ultrasonic probe is inserted. This tiny incision is called self-sealing microscopic incisions, it's tiny enough for self-healing so stitches are not needed. 

The rapidly vibrating tip of the ultrasound probe emulsifies and helps break up the cataract, which your surgeon then suctions out. After removing the emulsified material, your surgeon inserts the lens implant into the empty space within the capsule where the natural lens used to be.

Surgery usually takes only a few minutes to perform and is painless for most patients. After the procedure, a patch may be placed over the eye. Patients can return home the very same day, but will need someone to drive them home. For the next few days, you may experience itching, mild discomfort, fluid discharge and sensitivity to light and touch. Your doctor will prescribe eye drops to help the healing process and to reduce the risk of infection.