What causes you to hear your heartbeat in your left ear

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If you were lying on the side and pressed your ear, it's common to hear your heart beat.

If you were standing upright and you still hear your heart beat in one of your ear, it's more likely an ear problem, you'll need to get the ear checked up.
Hear heartbeat n my Right Ear
Lying down heartbeat both ears ?
On both sides, it could be linked to blood vessel disease, incl. high blood pressure, aneurysm, tumor, blockage in ear cannal or eustachina tube. Better get checked up.
Anxiety can cause this. Pay too much attention to the pulse.

Possible disease: heart valve disease, Hypertension, aortic aneurysm. You should see a cardiologist.
I have it so bad in my right ear it would wake me up. I was diagnosed with Arterialvenus Fistula.
Arteriovenous fistula in the brain vessel? You should see a brain surgeon. Consult about microsurgery, endovascular interventional embolization, etc. Otherwise, you may suffer from intracranial bleeding.
The arteriovenous fistula is caused by previous head trauma? Treatment for this includes open cranial surgery or endovascular embolization. The latter method is preferred because it is less invasive. You should see an interventional radiologist to see whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. If the interventional radiologist does not think the procedure can be done, then you need to stick with a neurosurgeon.
I had a bad fall a few years ago, got a pretty nasty bump on the back of my head. a week or so later I had a nose bleed so bad I could only stop it by pressing the spot inside my upper lip under my nose. now I worry that has caused a blood clot so that I now hear my heartbeat in left ear, loudly. I also have high blood pressure and an aortic aneurysm.  I'm scheduled to have a check up with a specialist who will look at the internals, like my veins, etc.
I also have this feeling when I am stressed. How is your blood pressure these days? Try to relax. Try to distract attention from this. No harm to see a specialist.
Hi, Mary. How about your blood pressure control? Generally, the blood clot can’t lead to it. It may be affected by an ear problem or your abnormal BP. You should go to see an ENT doc to check it.
You may have carotid cavernous fistula. This is a common cause for hearing heart beats in the ear that occurs after head traumas. So you should ask your specialist to check your head carefully, preferably with a contrast-enhanced CT scan.