GFR of 83 means?

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The average glomerular filtration rate range is approximately 75 to 115 ml/minute in the case of women, and 85 to 125 ml/minute in the case of men. This rate decreases as a person gets older. The average glomerular filtration rate is affected by some other factors such as body size and gender. In the case of people with similar characteristics, there are chances of there being considerable variation in the GRF.The glomerular filtration rate helps doctors measure how well your kidney is functioning.The normal glomerular filtration rate value ranges might vary slightly from laboratory to laboratory. It is important to check with your health care provide about what your particular test results mean.You can get an estimation of your GRF by using the formula GRF = 140 minus your age. The GRF for a fit and healthy 40-year-old person, for example, should be approximately 100 mL/min.  u can take it easy.