Low BP 53/43

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I get light-headed. I have usually around mid day.
related to an answer for: My BP dropped to 60/43 with heart rate 83.

2 Answers

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I am not sure your BP reading is correct. With BP at such a level, you could not have the strength to type here. But you feel light-headed, that means you may have low blood pressure.

If you can see a cardiologist, it's recommended to take a 24 hour BP monitoring.

If you can't, try to measure your BP more times every day, if it continues to be this low, maybe try a different monitor.
You may be taking too much BP lowering medication. Some medication can cause BP to drop and cause dizziness. I would advice to follow up with MD to review all medication and maybe decreased the dosages. Also make sure you are properly hydrated (drink daily recommended fluid) if ok with MD.