Why stents for leg clots

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The stent is supposed to open the blocked blood vessel after being implanted, that's why. It's like a stent implanted into heart after a heart attack.

You got read this. 


 African-Americans may be at an increased risk for developing life-threatening blood clots after receiving drug-coated stents that are meant to keep their arteries open, new research shows.

The study is published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Stents are tiny mesh cylinders that keep arteries from renarrowing after angioplasty, a procedure that widens clogged heart arteries. Stents are either bare metal or drug-coated.

While drug-coated stents were developed to prevent arteries from renarrowing, they may also increase the risk of blood clots forming at the site of implantation -- often referred to as "stent thrombosis." To reduce this risk, people with drug-coated stents must take anticlotting drugs for one year.

I guess your artery in lower limb is severely narrowed. Drugs won't help very much. Only stent could help to make the atery work normally.