Hi I have 2 weeks after cataract surgery and I am not happy with my vision it’s blurry.

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I have done my both eye cataract surgery and I cannot see clear at distance and very frustrating

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Some of us need 4 weeks to totally recover, if you go back to your eye doctor now, you might be advised to go back in another two weeks, maybe with some eye drops.

If you still have blurry in 4 weeks you should go back to the doctor.
Thank you for advice I am hoping for the best recovery
You should revist the surgeon and have test. Maybe you have other problem,such as: hyperopia, astigmatism.
Do you have astigmatism? I do. The optician tole me I need an incision made around my cornea. After the surgery, I had blurred vision, then the Dr. said I need additional work on the cornea. I had a follow-up surgery, and this time I can see clearly with focus.
You would not go to an Optician for cataract surgery. You need to see an Ophthalmologist for cataracts or any type of eye surgery.
She didn't mention cataract, she said astigmatism. Well, I guess she didn't get the surgery from the Optician, it's likely the Optician told her she needs laser treatment on astigmatism.
I had my cataracts done at the end of last year by two different surgeons, one eye is fine, the other is blurry.  It is extremely tiring and very depressing, the hospital doesn't really want to know, said they would send me an appointment, have never heard from them. I'm trying to see another eye doctor.
Why did you go to two different surgeons and why are you contacting the hospital? You need to contact your Ophthalmologist.
There're a few possibilities to the blurred vision after a cataract surgery.

1. still in recovery - and this will improve as time goes by

2. bleeding - bleeding may make you see unclearly, this needs treatment, but it's rare

3. the capsule used as a support for the artificial lens may become cloudy or thicken up - this requires the surgeon to open a small hole in the capsule with laser, a 5-minute thing

4. astigmatism not being corrected - this needs extra work from the eye doctor.

Anyway, if you can't see clearly in a month or it gets worse day by day, call the doctor.
You should consult your surgeon
I am in the same boat and looking for a solution. If you find an answer I would love to know