What causes lesions on the scalp?

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There're quite a few types of lesions, do you know what type of lesion yours is?
What causes scalp lesions?
What causes lessons on the Pancreas
I have a rather innoring place on my scalp that busts open on its own and smells very badly? Should I be concerned?
Yes. The foul smell suggests probably an infection. You should see a doctor to get your scalp tended. Probably antibiotics are needed.
Yes, you might get an infection. You should go to see a dermatologist. Before that, you have to keep that area clean and not touch it frequently.

Last summer, I developed lesions on my head, They were irritable, causing me to pick and scratch. It had something to do with the shampoo I used. It was the first time for me to use that branch. Fortunately, the lesions went away soon after I stopped using the shampoo.