Is surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff ever indicated for a 70 year old man in otherwise good shape?

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Do you have very serious symptom?  If so, maybe surgery is the only way to relieve .
I had rotator cuff surgery at 71 from playing lots of tennis and senior softball. Was good to do as still playing at 82 and have added pickleball.
There's a limit for nearly everything. I learned that when I got diagnosed with rotator cuff. It's good for you to do exercises, but remember, not to overdo it. Best regards.
Naw man in.his 70th and good overall health would need surgery to repair his rotator  cup  in order to relieve pain and to limit the risk of further damage but his age may still need to be taken in consideration along  with monitoring  his heart and blood pressure surgery will oftentimes cause elevation in both
does he have high blood pressure?