Why do i have numbness tingling in fingers and hand especially the right hand

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Possible reason include brain infarction, cervical spondylosis,diabetes, lung cancer, lymphoma, etc. You should do test to find out.

Most common cases are cervical spondylosis, and diabetes.

Cervical spondylosis causes nerves being compressed, thus you can feel numbness and tingling.

Diabetes can cause PAD, which damages the nerves of hands, arms, legs and feet, causing such feelings.
My right shoulder is numb going down arm, I’m worried, becoming worse, fell on arm 8-27-18 at work, injury to left arm 10-20-17, nerve damage in it, pend between camshaft and hanger, I wear brace on left arm which straps under right arm.
Could the pain be due to some bone damage from the fall? And there's no pain in your left arm?
What causes numbness and tingling in right hand and swelling
Hand tingling is most commonly caused by problems of the nerve that controls your hand. Common causes include cervical stenosis, cervical spondylosis, and carpel tunnel syndrome. You should see a bone doctor to take exams to diagnose it.