Does gift decrease with age?

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Do you mean when kids grow up, the natural gift decreases?

I think there're cases in the history.
Scientific research shows that children's potential cultivation follows a peculiar law—the law of diminishing talents, that is, children's talents decrease with age, and the later the education starts, the less the born gift can be played. Everyone has a certain type of born gift, the best time period of developing it is the first few years since birth. Therefore, early education is one of the necessary ways to develop children's potential.

The well-known Montessori addressed in her book that the most important phase of education is not in the college, but in the first few years since birth. It said, assume a baby is born with 100 gift, if the baby starts training since 5 years old, he/she may have the chance to achieve 80, if the kid starts training since 10 years old, he/she may have the chance to achieve 60.

Many believe that capability increases as people grows up, it's actually wrong.

An easy example is piano playing. If a kid doesn't start piano training since age 5, he can't make a great player no matter how talented he is. Have you seen any great player who starts the training since 10 years old?

This is my opinion, it's the point that I got from an article I read about in the past.
There're different types of intelligence, different types of talents, each type is managed by a certain area in the brain.

A child, at very young age, may be born with a special area more developed than the rest. That means, this specific area can be larger than others. Neuroscience has shown that this area can be squeezed by other function areas when they need to develop.

When a child gets education, or skill training, the certain area of brain gets bigger, an area next to it, when left un-used, may shrink.

That explains gift can diminish if there's no proper training. Of course this means other skills get developed accordingly. The brain development is like a zero sum game, no one can get everything perfect, one area is stronger means another area is weaker. A super smart man must have a super dumb side.