OMG. I have been itching all over my body for 2 months. It is driving me nuts. No rash. Please help

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Xerosis (dry skin) is the most likely cause due to which you are drying. In this condition, there are no rashes and red spots on the area of the skin where you are feeling irritation.  

Cool down the irritated skin area by keeping a damp flannel on it

Have a shower with moderately warm water

Stop wearing clothes made of man-made or woolen fabric or whatever increases the severity of itching

While taking a shower, reduce the use of soaps or fragrances because they can cause dryness of skin. Instead while washing your body make use of moisturizing products which are pH-balanced.

Remedies like using calamine lotion and showering with oatmeal added to water are not completely proven, yet these remedies do not cause much harm and can be used by pregnant women.

Avoid going in hot weather and wear loose fitting clothes. If the body becomes hot, the intensity of the itching increases particularly if it is a heat rash.

Products like jewelry, fragrances, some cosmetics and nickel can initiate allergic reactions by irritating the skin and thus cause itching. So avoid such products.

Moisturizing creams like Eucerin, Cetaphil and CeraVe can be applied once or twice a day on the skin areas affected by itching. These creams can greatly reduce the itching by reducing dryness of the skin.

Creams which have around 1 percent of hydrocortisone can be applied on irritated skin to alleviate itching. The same soothing is also provided by creams containing menthol, calamine and camphor.

You can also apply corticosteroid cream on your skin to mitigate itching and irritation. When you have applied the cream, put a wet piece of cotton on the area so that the cream is completely absorbed in the skin.

Depending on your condition, your physician can recommend you anti-allergy drugs which are often called antihistamines. These drugs are over the counter medicines, some of which induce sleep like Benadryl while others do not including Zyrtec and Claritin. The antihistamines which induce sleep provide the additional benefit of making your fall asleep at night when the itching disrupts your sleep.
No other symptom? Do you have any tests? Any allergy history? You should see a dermatologist at first. Besides, lymphoma and chronic kindey disease also can have itchy symptom.
Have you tested your blood sugar? If you have high blood sugar, you may have such itching feeling, just like you said, being itching for long time and no rash at all.

Please check the blood sugar. If you can get a blood glucose monitor, you can test it at home. As long as the reading says high, you need to see a doctor and make sure you get an ultrasound on your pancreas.

Dry and itchy skin in diabetics is primarily caused by high blood sugar. The body pulls moisture from tissues to try to counteract the increase in glucose levels, and can leave the skin dry and irritated.

have u had ur thyroid checked cause if having abnormal thyroid levels which can throw u into the beginnings of a thyroid storm, causes ur whole body to itch constantly with nothing like dry skin or rashes on ur body nothing just u itch all over constantly