How Serious Is Hepatitis C From Causing a Liver Cancer And What Is Its Treatment ?

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Hepatitis C is a disease can be maligned and finally become a liver cancer. Many people think of hepatitis B when talking about liver cancer because it is more common than other types of hepatitis. Also, due to the difficulty in dealing with hepatitis B, other types of hepatitis are also considered difficult. However, hepatitis C can be definitely cured. What worth mention is that it is some kind of invisible. It has not many symptoms so it is not easy to realize. But it can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer. Five to fifteen percent of patient with hepatitis C will become into cirrhosis. Among them, two to four percent will get liver cancer. Cirrhosis and liver cancer are the main reasons that cause patient to death. There are two types of hepatitis C. The acute hepatitis C and the chronic hepatitis C. Some acute hepatitis C can heal by itself. To this type of hepatitis C, active treatment should be made because the effect will be obvious. The main treatment is antiviral therapy. Other therapies like decreasing icterus index and liver protection are also used to cure acute hepatitis C. To chronic hepatitis C, interferon is used to relieve the disease. It should be treated as soon as possible. About seventy percent of patient can be cured thoroughly. We cannot ignore the seriousness of hepatitis C, to cure it in time and liver cancer can be less and less. Keywords: liver cancer hep c treatment, liver cancer hepatitis c