What Should I Do to Deal With Type 2 Diabetes?

2 Answers

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Type 2 diabetes means insulin resistance. Lifestyle modification can help you monitor blood glucose levels.
  • Eating well.
  • Exercising frequently
  • Regular blood glucose monitoring tests.
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I reversed type 2 diabetes by eliminating all sugars, all grains and keeping my daily total carbohydrate intake to 20 grams or less.  This the only way to heal yourself. It's  done through changing lifestyle and eating a Proper Human Diet. Thousands of others have reversed T2D by doing a reversal of the Standard American Diet (as outlined by the food pyramid).
I’ve had Type 2 diabetes for several years. I agree with your opinion that proper diet can make a great difference. I am on a diet which is similar with type 1 diabetes. My diet is given by my doctor. I think you can also gain the diet from ADA. You should not have more than 3 servings of carbs per meal as recommended by the ADA. I didn’t take my diagnosis seriously at first and then I was on 3 different meds and headed toward insulin therapy. Then I was recommended to go on the South Beach Diet and finally my blood sugars are under control. I am taking a diet strictly now and I hope to be taken off at least two of my meds in the future.