Can I Reverse My Type 2 Diabetes Naturally?

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T2D means we cannot make the best of our insulin. According to the root cause of diabetes, it’s possible to reserve it without medication by eating and exercise. Avoid sugar. Exercise. Less stress. More sleep.   Related FAQs:
Yes you can! Change your diet and LOSE WEIGHT!!!
I doubt. My husband had Type 2, he tried diet, exercise, he's getting worse. Oh, I have to admit that he's a business man, super busy, under pressure, he didn't strictly follow the diet or exercise plan. A strict diet/gym plan is very tough to follow, that's what I want to express.

I do a lot of reading every day since I really hope to stay with my hus until we're very very old. Recently, some reseaches state that disorder in circadian rhythm is a major risk to Type 2 diabetes. That's exactly what my husband being doing in the past 15 years, he worked until the next morning, frequently. I guess that's it. I'm trying to get him sleep early, but that's also tough, since he's on biz trip all the time.
Metformin is the most widely used drug for type 2 diabetes treatment. Recently there're studies coming one after another claiming the unexpected effects of Metformin other than blood sugar control. Today, a new study has come out that Metformin changes the gut bacteria and further human health, positively. The study actually said metformin-treated type-2 diabetic patients are healthier and live longer than non-diabetic individuals.

Well, I don't have diabetes but I'd like to try Metformin.

Wait a minute!

They'll work out some supplements of Metformin for non-diabetes, for sure.
Who sponsored the study? Maybe metformin owners are behind?
Diabetes is not a disease; it’s food poisoning. You can reverse it with your next meal. Don’t listen to the American Diabetic Association, the government, or western medicine in general on this topic. Health care is self care: