How Can I Treat Blepharitis With A Warm Bag?

1 Answer

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Warmth is truly helpful to the treatment of blepharitis. Why? Because warmth can soften the skin and any crusts attached to the eyelids. Also, it allows the oily secretions made by the meibomian glands to flow more freely, as warmth makes oils more runny. How to do? Traditional method:
  • press on the eyelids gently with a flannel (facecloth) soaked in very warm water for 5-10 minutes.
  • if the flannel cools, keep re-warming it in the warm water.
Popular method:
  • use a specially designed reusable heat bag and place over your eyes for about five minutes.
  • The heat bags are warmed in a microwave. (You can buy such bags from some opticians or online. )
The advantage of a heat bag over a hot flannel is that the heat is retained for many minutes, so it keeps a constant warmth over the eyes. You can simply lie down and relax for five to ten minutes with the bag placed over your eyes. (A hot flannel usually cools quickly.) Keywords: allergic blepharitis warm eye masks, blepharitis eye warmer, eye warmer blepharitis, warm eye mask blepharitis, warm mask blepharitis, allergic blepharitis warm eye masks