What Are The New Liver Cancer Treatments?

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Studies in liver cancer treatments have been many years. Recently it has made some progess. At the end of 2017,Working with mice, researchers have found a molecule that prevents -- and even reverses -- formation of scar tissue in damaged livers. The finding promises new treatments for cirrhosis and other scarring diseases of the liver, and perhaps for other scarring-related conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis, scleroderma, and burns. Hepatitis C is the No. 1 cause of liver cancer and liver transplants. It's brought on by a virus you can catch if you come into contact with contaminated blood. You could get it from an unclean tattoo needle, for example. Researchers may continue to come up with new treatments, and some of the combinations of medications below may change as they make new discoveries. As always, it's best to discuss your treatment options with your medical team.
  • Daclatasvir (Daklinza): Approval of this drug meant no more shots for the 1 in 10 people infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) type 3. You take this pill once a day with sofosbuvir (Sovaldi). You might get a headache or feel a little tired. Tell your doctor if you feel super-sluggish. The FDA warns it can sometimes seriously slow your heart rate, which may require you to get a pacemaker.
  • Elbasvir and grazoprevir (Zepatier): This once-a-day pill treats HCV types 1, 4, and 6. It may also offer new hope for people with hep C who also have cirrhosis, HIV, late-stage kidney disease, and other hard-to-treat conditions. Like the other antivirals, the side effects are mild. You might have a slight headache or bellyache, or you might feel tired.
  • Ombitasvir, paritaprevir, and ritonavir, with dasabuvir (Viekira Pak): Doctors say this treatment works well for people with HCV type 1. You can even take it if you have some liver scarring, as long as your liver still can do its job. Your doctor might call this compensated cirrhosis. You take one pill once a day and another pill twice a day.
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I have been taking lactulose for cirrhosis of the liver for over 2-3 years but I understand that there is now a new treatment that one takes one tablet a day for 90 days and then wait a while and begins again is this true?
Kristalose is a stronger version of lactulose, it's taken orally once a day, in powder.