If I Get Blepharitis, Can I Wear Eye Cosmetics?

1 Answer

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Unfortunately, the answer is NO. In fact, cosmetics are believed to be a cause of blepharitis.  Particularly, eye makeup may contribute to acute blepharitis, especially when the patient uses eye liner. It is because that cosmetics can interfere with eye hygiene and cause an allergic reaction. As to the contacts, wearing them when you have eyelid inflammation can result in bacteria and other debris sticking to your lenses and causing pink eye or potentially more serious eye diseases. So, if you develop blepharitis while wearing contact lenses or other cosmetics close to your eyes, you should discontinue doing so until the blepharitis has been successfully treated. Keywords: blepharitis cosmetics, cosmetics blepharitis, eye makeup blepharitis, eye makeup blepharitis sufferers, eye makeup blepharitis, eye makeup remover blepharitis, hypoallergenic eye makeup blepharitis, if you have blepharitis can you wear makeup, kind eye makeup blepharitis sufferers, makeup blepharitis, makeup blepharitis sufferers, use eye makeup blepharitis, wearing eye makeup blepharitis, wearing makeup blepharitis, best eye makeup blepharitis, blepharitis caused makeup, blepharitis eye makeup, blepharitis wearing makeup