What's New in Liver Cancer Research?

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Since there are only a few effective ways to prevent or treat liver cancer at this time, there is always a great deal of research going on in the area of liver cancer. Prevention Researchers are studying ways to prevent or treat hepatitis infections before they cause liver cancers. Adding other treatments to surgery An active area of research uses adjuvant therapies – treatments given right after surgery – to try to reduce the chances that the cancer will return. Chemotherapy New forms of chemotherapy combined with other treatments are being tested in clinical trials. Determining recurrence risk after surgery Various researchers are studying ways to predict if the cancer may come back by testing the liver cells in the surgery sample through genetic profiling. Liver transplant Some doctors are now looking to see if the criteria can be expanded, so that people who are otherwise healthy but have slightly larger tumors might also be eligible. Radiation therapy Researchers are now working on ways to focus radiation therapy more narrowly on the cancer, sparing the nearby normal liver tissue. Screening Several new blood tests are being studied to see if they can detect liver cancer earlier. Surgery Newer techniques are being developed to make both partial hepatectomy and liver transplants safer and more effective. Targeted therapy New drugs are being developed that work differently from standard chemotherapy drugs. These newer targeted drugs act on specific parts of cancer cells or their surrounding environments. Virus therapy A newer approach to treatment is the use of a virus, known as JX-594. Early results of this treatment against advanced liver cancer have been promising, even in patients who have already had other treatments. Keyword: cancer research liver