What Signs & Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer Should Women Be Alert of?

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What signs & symptoms of pancreatic cancer should women be alert of?

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Most women tend to wait and see their doctor until their symptoms are very bad. When it comes to pancreatic cancer, such delays can be fatal. Should any of such signs appear, consult a doctor immediately: Your eyes and skin are yellow: Though this can result from a number of medical problems, including alcoholism, liver failure and pancreatic cancer, it is one of the symptoms you should never ignore. You look four months pregnant: It's common to bloat after a big meal, but it's dangerous to stay that way. It is one of the first signs women should notice. You feel nauseated eating your favorite food: Loss of appetite is another strong, early indicator of pancreatic cancer. When you feel nauseated even you haven't eaten in hours or in front of your favorite food, be alert and go to a doctor to check. In addition, sudden loss of weight, severe dull pain, dark urine, itchy skin and stomachache are also among the early signs of pancreatic cancer. Keywords: signs pancreatic cancer women, symptoms pancreatic cancer women.