What Support Can Patients of Pancreatic Cancer Seek?

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There are a number of sources of pancreatic cancer support from which patients and families can seek help: Pancreatic Cancer Support Groups Pancreatic cancer support groups can be helpful. In these groups, patients or their family members get together to share what they have learned about coping with the disease and the effects of pancreatic cancer treatment. Pancreatic cancer support groups may offer support in person, over the telephone, or on the Internet. Healthcare Providers: Patients of pancreatic cancer may worry about their continuation of daily activities, treatments, keeping jobs and managing side effects. Doctors, nurses and other members of the healthcare team can provide professional answer to these questions. Other Counselors: Sometimes, it will benefit the patient to meet with a social worker, counselor or member of the clergy. They can talk about their feelings and discuss their concerns. A social worker may provide support by suggesting resources for financial aid, transportation, home care or emotional support. Keywords: pancreatic cancer support, pancreatic cancer support groups, support pancreatic cancer.