How Long Can One Live with Pancreatic Cancer without Treatment?

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To live with pancreatic cancer without treatment is practically an impossible thing. As we all know, some cancers in the early stage may be cured by surgery, and some cancers in the advanced stage may be controled and possibly cured by combining chemotherapy with radiotherapy or other treatments. However, for a disease as fatal as pancreatic cancer, the survival rate without treatment probably amount to zero. There are cases where the patient, not knowing himself getting pancreatic cancer before, found it out four days before his death. It is known that most patients of metastatic pancreatic cancer with proper treatment can survive 3-5 months or even a year. Without treatment, the remaining days could be numbered down to below three months or even less. Keywords: pancreatic cancer without treatment.
I have a 96 year older friend who was diagnosed two years ago with pancreatic cancer due to a large mass on her pancreas.  She didn’t have a biopsy and will not have treatment but she is still alive, eating well and not in any major pain.  Glad to hear it but how is this possible?  She does have bad back pain but it’s under control.
How is it not possible? Although most patients with pancreatic cancer survive less than a year, it does not mean all patients would do so. There are reports of a patient who survived 29 years after diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, despite treatment: