What Are the Remedies for Child Constipation?

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There are a number of remedies for newborns and toddlers who experience constipation. Infants often become constipated because of their inability to digest various formulas, especially those high in iron. Toddlers become constipated very easily when you change their diets. Toddlers also often hold in their bowels, which is a pretty big problem and should be avoided. When this happens, there are a number of remedies you can try to make your children outgrow constipation: Reduce the iron in formula. Excess iron in formula is the Number One cause of constipation in newborns. If your baby is constipated, try switching to a low-iron formula to see if the problems clears up. Add fiber to their diet. One of the best is wheat bran and wheat germ. You don't have to add too much either - only 2-3 tablespoons added to their morning cereal or added to soups, drinks, or other meals throughout the day. Exercise. Exercise helps pump more blood, oxygen and nutrients into the intestines, which in turn makes it easier for the intestines to pass waste. Drink lots of water and add honey and lime. Water helps flush the body of toxins, and adding honey or lime juice in water can prompt the process. It's best to drink 4 to 8 glasses of water a day. Good bathrooms habits. Get your children to have regular bowel movement by going to the bathroom at specific times. Have your kids try to go the bathroom at the same time every day, after meals and as soon as they feel the urge. Stress to them that they shouldn't hold. Keywords: child constipation remedies, kids constipation remedies.