What Are the Causes for Severe Migraine Headaches?

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Migraine headaches are severe in nature and are usually accompanied with vision or nausea. The severity of the pain is usually throbbing, pounding or pulsating. It usually begins on the right side of the head and is likely to spread to the left side. This may be accompanied by other symptoms and may increase in intensity while walking around. Causes The most common forms of headaches may be caused by tight, contracted muscles in the shoulders, neck, scalp and jaw. These are referred to as tension headaches, and they are usually caused by stress, depression or anxiety. They also occur due to being overworked, lack of sleep and hunger. Headaches can also be triggered by foods, such as chocolate, cheese and caffeine. Make an appointment with your doctor if you experience a migraine that worry you. Keyword: causes severe migraine headaches