What Is Chronic Migraine?

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Migraines are a deeply painful, often debilitating form of headache. People who experience migraines often require prescription medication or medical treatment to cope with their symptoms. A simple over-the-counter headache pill is rarely effective for treating migraine. Migraines can be episodic or chronic. A typical episodic migraine (EM) can linger for hours. Then, several weeks or even months may pass between migraine episodes. Chronic migraines (CM), on the other hand, last longer and occur more frequently. Symptoms of a chronic migraine occur at least 15 days in each month and for at least three consecutive months. A chronic migraine must also involve two of the following migraine characteristics for a minimum of eight days in a month:
  • begins or is made worse due to routine physical activity, such as walking or cleaning
  • causes moderate to severe pain
  • causes a throbbing, pulsating sensation in the side of the brain affected by the headache
  • predominantly affects one side of the head
You'd better consult with your doctor if you develop the symtoms of chronic migraine. Keyword: chronic migraine; chronic migraine disorder; chronic migraine headaches; chronic migraine pain; chronic migraines