How to Eat During Treatment for Lymphoma?

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
When fighting in a war, you should always keep a full arsenal.  Nutrition is to cancer exactly arsenal is to war. If you or your families are fighting with the lymphoma, check out these eating tips for helping you tolerate higher doses of chemotherapy and stop you from infection. During the chemotherapy of lymphoma,  you may experience lots of side effects. For those common side effects, we help you sort out some eating tips separately. However, doctor's confirmation is needed before you are applying them into your diet. Appetite loss
  • no drinking around the nearest 30 mins before taking meals.
  • a smaller plate could make the meal pleasant
  • eat as you are hungry with small snacks between meals.
  • foods high in energy are the first choices such as omelettes, cheese, biscuits, etc.
  • olive oil, cream, cheese or milk powder are good for your appetite improving.
Weight loss
  • full-fat foods option such as  whole milk;
  • don't avoid cheese or sauces when eating pasta or vegetables;
  • get sugar, honey or syrup, butter, oil stand by when eating and drinking.
Taste changes Cancer treatment is much likely to lower your tastes, feeling most foods bland. While others can find their tastes more obvious with a result of more salty or bitter food taste than usual. In general, your tastes would go back to normal after this treatment. For a balanced diet during this process, you can take a try with herbs, spices, sauces and chutneys for flavouring the food. Diarrhea Dehydration here is the key problem to solve. Plenty of fluids such as water, soup, jelly and ice lollies would be helpful. If you urine less than usual and the urine is dark coloured and in a small amount, you are  more likely to get a dehydration. Constipation Constipation usually happens after cancer medications. Fiber is the solution , as well as some fluids and gentle exercises. Nausea  Chemotherapy drugs are more likely to make you feel sick. Those tips would be your natural medications:
  • replace your snacks with dry plain foods such as crackers, toast or rice;
  • ginger is a great adding to your diet. For example, ginger beer, ginger tea, ginger biscuits;
  • eat food cold or cook it in a microwave to minimize the smell of food that can worsen nausea.
  Those food tips are not totally suitable for the patients who may be pregnant or being with other complications, if you are adding them into your diet, please ask for the professional advice from your doctors.