What Are the Remedies for Chronic Constipation?

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What are the remedies for chronic constipation?

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Fortunately, chronic constipation can be treated and it affects your life less than those more severe diseases like cancer or diabetes. But leaving it there could still make your life miserable. Here are some remedies for chronic constipation: Eat more fiber Eating more fiber is always the most effective remedy for constipation. Many types of fiber add bulk (volume) to the stool. Patients can take in more fibre from the following sources: fruits and vegetables, wheat or oat bran, legumes, nuts and grains. Drink adequate fluids People who consume less water per day may have a higher rate of constipation. Moist foods (like soups or fruits) may also help in addition to drinks. Lower stress for you What the brain is suffering is likely to influence your bowel movement.Therefore, if you feel stressed up lately and your "go" work is not smooth, you may consider relaxing up in exchange. Taking a vacation, a mindfulness meditation or a long bath may help disperse your problem. Move your body Physical exercise is often recommended to help ease chronic constipation. It may not directly improve constipation, but it will help you "do your job" more easily and improve your overall health. Keywords: chronic constipation medication, remedies chronic constipation, treat chronic constipation, treatment chronic constipation.