Best Cholesterol Lowering Supplements in Vitamin Shops

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People can find a lot of supplements that claim helpful in lowering supplements, they are made of various raw material. Which are really useful? And which exaggerate the effectiveness? Let's find out. 

Type 1: Fish Oils

Fish oil is no stranger to almost everyone. Fish oil is proved useful in lowering down triglycerides, which is one type of cholesterol in the blood. Researches show omega-3 fat acid helps to clear triglyceride from your blood. Fish oil with rich DHA and EPA can lower blood triglyceride by around 30% after regular serving for a period of time. The recommended dosage is 2-4 mg DHA and EPA per day, it's a high but effective dosage. 

All the nutrients brands that you're familiar with offers fish oil products. Just make sure you choose the right does.

Type 2Plant sterols/stanols

Plant sterols/stanols are also referred to as phytosterols and phytostanols, they're common in vegetables and plants. The effect of plant sterols/stanols is to reduce absorption of cholesterol from daily food. The effective dose is 2 g per day. Plant sterols/stanols helps healthy people to stay away from high cholesterol, but it's not the optimal choice for people who already have a higher than normal cholesterol level. You may also notice some products label plant sterol and beta-sitosterol, beta-sitosterol is easter of plant sterol. The effect of beta-sitosterol is the same as plant sterol.

Popular plant sterols/stanols and esters products include:

  • Twinlab Cholesterol Success
  • Nature Made Cholestoff
  • Source Naturals Beta Sitosterol
  • Now Foods Beta Sitosterol

Type 3: Red Rice Yeast

Red Rice Yeast is the fungus growing on the red rice. Red Rice Yeast contains natural Statin, Statin is widely used as prescription to lower cholesterol effectively. In addition to the natural statin, the red rice yeast contains plant sterols, beta-glutamine, rapeseed oil, all of which contribute to the maintenance of cardiovascular health.

Products with red rice yeast include:

  • Thorne Research, Cholesterol
  • Mason Naturals, Red Yeast Rice

Type 4: Sytrinol™

Sytrinol™ is a patented proprietary formula from natural citrus and palm fruit extracts, combines citrus polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs), palm tocotrienols and other proprietary constituents. This combination results in a synergistic effect for maintaining cholesterol levels in the normal range, including total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, as demonstrated by a long-term, three phase clinical trial.

Researchers report that 300 mg Sytrinol per day in 12 weeks results in 27% drop in LDL-C, and 30% drop in total cholesterol. The research was randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover, so the research result is reliable.

Products with Sytrinol include:

  • Nature's Way, Sytrinol
  • Now Foods, Sytrinol

Type 5: Policosanol

Policosanol is a chemical derived from sugar cane, chemical name 30-c. It's said that Policosanol decrease cholesterol production in the liver and break down bad cholesterol. But there are very limited scientific research data proving the effect of Policosanol.

Type 6: Combined

There're formula with two or more effective substance combined available. Some of them will generate positive results. 

  • California Gold Nutrition, Cholesterol 101 - red rice yeast, plant sterols, antioxidant, policosanol
  • ReserveAge NutritionCholesterol support - plant extract similar to Sytrinol, resveratrol
  • Now Foods, Cholesterol Pro - Sytrinol™ plant sterols

I've listed only a few brands. The truth is when you choose a cholesterol formula, make sure the formula contains the effect ingredients that we've listed above, and you won't get wrong. 

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