What Diet can Help Relieve Constipation?

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Constipation is not that severe a problem, but it can damage your mood and your quality of life. Actually, through some changes on your diet, you will feel a lot better when going to the toilet. Here are a number of food that can be added to yout diet:
Beans have almost the highest fiber rate you can get from food. Both of its soluble and insoluble fiber can help your bowel movements. You can choose from baked beans, black-eyed peas, garbanzo beans, lima beans, pinto beans or kidney beans. Add any of these to salads, soups, casseroles or pasta.
Many fruits contain fiber and lots of vitamins and nutrients, which are helpful in relieving your bowels. Such fruits include apples, pears, plums, kiwis and berries, among which plums are the most effective. Dried fruit is also an ideal option as it contains more fiber than fresh ones per serving.
Some snacks:
Perhaps this surprises you, but snacks like popcorn, sweet potato, nuts and seeds contain a great amount of fiber and can help your bowel movements.
Most vegetables, especially broccoli, contain a high proportion of fiber that stimulates your bowels. Add broccoli to your diet and you will immediately see the difference. Keywords: diet constipation, food avoid constipation, food eat constipation relief, foods constipation, prune juice constipation.