Why Migraine Research?

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It is rare that a day goes by without news of an advance in medical science. If one day a cure for a life altering syndrome is discovered, it will almost certainly be the result of thousands of hours of medical research and conducting of clinical trials. Clinical trials contribute to knowledge of and progress in the fight against many diseases. Many of today’s migraine treatments are based on what we learned from clinical trials in the past, sometimes even when these treatments were being studied for reasons other than migraine. Clinical research is done when it is not known whether a new approach works safely and well in humans and also to understand which treatments or approaches might work best for certain illnesses and/or in certain groups of people. What You Can Do to Get Involved Support for organizations or advocacy groups that support migraine research such as the Migraine Research Foundation is critical to advancing the cause for a cure. If you are considering more direct involvement by getting involved in a research trial you don’t necessarily have to be suffering from migraines. Studies often need healthy volunteers to participate in order to compare results with people who are suffering from the migraine disease who may also be participants. Many people might benefit from your involvement in migraine clinical research: your relatives, your friends and even you. Talk to your doctor or visit the government clinical trial registry to find a clinical study near you. Keyword: migraine research
I have suffered from debilitating migraines since I turned 17, I am now 56 and I am still being prescribed since Imitrex came to the market of meds. After 29yrs and still expensive as well as the kicker you are only allowed 9 pills.I finally got smart as I got older. Get 100 mg then that no no, I use a pill cutter and cut the 1 pill into 3rds.I used to also be prescribed for in between feeling as if my entire head most defiantly was going to expload feroinol. Never abused any of my meds but since I'm not an addict and not 1 high powered group of lawyers are suing the State of Mass so I am aloud at least a fewer days of agony. 2 yrs clean broke probation goes back to jail and is going to do his 2yrs comfortable getting his twice daily methadone. I'm not saying anyone should ever have to suffer but please(a recovering addict koodooso in that accomplishment but while so many are forced to live in extreme pain but the guy who did something to make himself sit in jail not having to suck it up while we who have played by the rules suffer agonizing pain. Now the other kicker in my behind that just bites my craw, why are so many people being punished and after a month ago finding out by chance there has been newer/proven to work better migraine meds. Did I miss the announcements about this life changing products. Think about how much our lives could blossom as well as getting to live our lives with out missing so much. I don't really want to use the botox, hopefully someone out in the world might help me out.
Felt empathetic to you! I understand how it feel when you have been suffering from an annoying and even life-threatening disease and nothing you take seems working well. It could be so heartbreaking when you finally got to know that more effective treatments or meds do exist and you’ve already missed the best time to treat it. TBH, I’ve been suffering from migraine for 40 years. It’s hilarious cause if I write down the story of my entire life, it definitely could be the bestseller. I brought this up because I developed migraine due to unbearable pressure and rage related to what I’ve experienced for the past years. At first, it was my husband who had been cheating on me during my pregnancy. Then, I almost developed depression after getting divorced. All of those happened during my pregnancy. As I gave birth to my daughter, I was told that my grandma and aunt died in a car accident. They were just on the way to my hospital, just to take a look at me and my daughter. Overwhelmed, I developed migraine and it has never gone away since it occurred. For the past 40 years, I’ve been through many terrible things and heartbreaking moments. I could say that it is a miracle that I’ve still alive. Actually, I’ve tried many meds. And I can tell you that the effects of different meds vary from case to case. And it just takes time for you to find the most effective med for you which has the least side effect and is super helpful to ease your pain. For me, Imitrex was just temporarily useful. It lost effects if I have taken it for a long time. As time passes by, I’ve finally found that dihydroergotamines are quite effective to treat my disease. I know it’s hard to accept but it really takes time for you to figure out what meds are most suitable for your case. Best wishes!
I'm so sorry for all you been thru....You SHOULD write a book. I can't take a migraine for a week let lone, 40 years.  I've had them for about 55 years now, but not consistently like that.