What Do We Know about Hemophilia C?

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Hemophilia C is also known as plasma thromboplastin antecedent (PTA) deficiency or Rosenthal syndrome. Hemophilia C is caused by factor XI deficiency. Both males and females can develop the disease. Jews of Ashkenazi descent are the most vulnerable group with highest incidence. Incidence Hemophilia C is a mild form of hemophilia and ranks the fourth most common subtype following von Willebrand's disease and hemophilia A and B. Take the United States, it is estimated that every one out of 100,000 adults develop the disease. The incidence is almost 1/10 of that of hemophilia A. Symptoms The symptoms of hemophilia are quite different from other subtypes. Hemorrhages are likely to occur due to a major surgery or injury.   Keywords: hemophilia c; hemophiliac; hemophiliac+