What is critical zone supraspinatus tendon?

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Does anyone know what critical zone supraspinatus tendon means?

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This anatomy picture will help you understand what it is. Critical zone means the area approximately 8-15 mm from the insertion of the rotator cuff tendons onto the greater tubercle of the humeral head, mainly within the supraspinatus tendon. Supraspinatus muscle tendon is the muscle that connects the scapula to the humerus in the rotator cuff. This tendon creates a tight fit between the ball and socket of the shoulder joint. It runs along the top of the shoulder and is about as wide as a thumb.    
I need to have the question answered as to whether I have to have surgery to fix this thickness tear in my Supraspinatus Muscle??
Critical zone supraspinatus tendon is a physiological structure. So, what is your symptom? Is there pain or a bump?
Hi, you mentioned "thickness tear", you missed the most critical word - I assume you've taking x-ray or CAT scan, from the imaging Radiologist will write down "full-thickness tear" or "partial-thickness tear".

The treatment to supraspinatus muscle tear depends on the severity. A partial-thickness tear is an incomplete disruption of muscle fibers, the muscle fibers may heal on their own over time, so the Orthopedist will give you anti-inflammatory drugs, and ask you to rest your arm and shoulder. A full-thickness tear means the complete disruption of the fibers of the supraspinatus muscle, they generally require a more aggressive treatment plan and surgery. These tendons have poor blood flow and can't heal themselves. If the tendon had separated from the bone, it will be attached to the bone with sutures in a surgery.

If you may check your x-ray report again, see it's a full-thickness tear or not. A full-thickness tear requires a surgery to repair.