After 4 Months of Exercises & Diet Control My LDL Still High - Why Why?

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Q: I have had strict lipid reduction for 4 month since my last blood test, this time I re-tested and total cholesterol and LDL still exceed the borderline high. I feel so surprised, how can that happen? Where did my efforts go?

My 4 month exercise & diet control are as the following:

  • Tennis, 2 hours every time, 2-3 times a week
  • Gym workout, all strength exercise, half an hour every friday
  • Breakfast - only egg, cereal, skimmed milk, bread, basically oil-free
  • Dinner - steak, cucumber, banana
  • Occasionally I take a glass of beer at dinner

I lost 6 pounds in 4 months, and I've seen my belly fat reducing noticeably. I was hoping for a much improved LDL level, but it still goes beyond the borderline. I can't understand it. And please I don't need anyone tell me that I shouldn't take the beer. 

Three days before the blood test, I paid attention to the diet, and I didn't have too much exercise. This shouldn't cause short-term spike of blood cholesterol, right? Is it because the fat decomposes into the blood to provide energy, that causes the abnormal rise of blood cholesterol? Is there a similar situation with anyone here?

A: The rise of TC and LDL is more likely from food. Cholesterol is a substance that body needs. 75% of cholesterol comes from body synergy, and 25% from food. Food has esters and non-esterified cholesterol, but the body absorbs only non-esterified cholesterol. When food provides a low level of non-ester cholesterol and a high ester of cholesterol, the body tends to synthesize more cholesterol, so the TC is out of the standard.

Studies have shown that exercise does not significantly reduce TC and LDL, but exercise lowers triglycerides and increases HDL levels.

Diet is another aspect. It looks like you're eating healthy food, but your diet seems lack of enough fiber and omega-3, I'll recommend to add both into your food list.


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