Can Polycystic Kidney Disease Cause Aneurysm?

1 Answer

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Yes, many severe complications may arise from polycystic kidney disease, and aneurysm is one of them. Aneurysm is an extremely severe complication for patients of PKD, for it is often the cause of early death for PKD patients. As polycystic kidney disease may cause high blood pressure, it will worsen aneurysm and increase the risk of aneurysm rupture. Therefore, PKD patients should seek early and effective treatment to bring their high blood pressure well under control. In case of aneurysm rupture and bleeding, surgery should be done within 3 days or it can be life-threatening. To lower the risk of aneurysm so as to improve the patient’s life expectancy, patients need to have a low-salt, low-fat, low-protein diet especially when more than 50% kidney functions are lost. Patients should also avoid tobacco and alcoholic drinks. Keywords: polycystic kidney disease aneurysm.