What Do We Know About PKD Foundation?

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The PKD Foundation is a non-profit organization aiming at promoting research to find treatments and cures for polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Established in 1982, the headquarters of PKD Foundation is situated in Kansas City, Missouri. PKD affects 600,000 people in the United States and 12.5 million people worldwide. The PKD Foundation's vision is that "no one suffers the full effects of PKD". The organization hopes to reach this goal by funding vital PKD research and raising awareness of this rather prevalent disease. In order to fulfill its mission, the PKD Foundation has launched an integrated research initiative focused on "Accelerating Treatments to Patients". The initiative is designed to speed up the development of treatments for PKD. It concentrate on drug repurposing, targeted research grants, tissue donation, clinical trials and much more. In addition to funding research and educational programs, the PKD Foundation provides a forum for patients, family and friends through more than 60 volunteer-led chapters across the U.S. Keywords: polycystic kidney disease foundation, polycystic kidney disease nhs, polycystic kidney foundation.