What Are Natural Remedies for Hay Fever?

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While some of us marvel at all the new flowers and trees in bloom, others suffer from hay fever—an allergic reaction to pollen and mold that flourishes with the arrival of spring, summer, and fall. But hay fever natural remedies can offer some help: Butterbur Butterbur, one of the best-studied natural medicines for allergies, may ease hay-fever symptoms, possibly by reducing levels of histamines and leukotrienes, chemicals that can set off an allergic response. Phleum pratense (Timothy grass) The pollen of the phleum pratense plant is used to reduce allergy symptoms. Some clinical studies show that taken in small doses, phleum pratense can desensitize the body to grass-pollen allergies and reduce allergic symptoms in patients. Tinospora cordifolia (Indian tinospora, moonseed) A shrub plant native to India, tinospora cordifolia is thought to boost the immune system, and there is some evidence that it can decrease hay-fever symptoms including sneezing, itchy and runny nose, and stuffiness. Remember: you should always call your doctor if you develop a severe symptom. Keyword: natural remedies hay fever